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Jenny Rivera Funeral Pending, Jenni Rivera Body Not Found

Jenny Rivera Funeral Pending, Jenni Rivera Body Not Found

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Even though a “Jenny Rivera” DMV license was discovered Sunday, Jenni Rivera’s body has not been found, NTSB told news tonight. Funeral arrangements are pending for Jenni Rivera aka Jenny Dolores Rivera Saavedra, as memorials and vigils are planned across Southern California. Today, as fans wondered if Jenni Rivera’s body was found, NTSB officials confirmed to news that Rivera is dead, but her body will not be found recoverable in the plane’s wreckage.

The final images of Jenni Rivera featured her boarding a private jet, on-board the plane, and waving hello to her fans. Ten minutes into her flight, the plane disappeared from radar. On Sunday, Mexican officials told news that Jenni Rivera’s body is unrecoverable. Later today, NTSB confirmed the same.

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In a news statement, the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that Jenni Rivera was a passenger on the LearJet that crashed in Mexico Sunday. But because of the condition of the wreckage, Jenni Rivera’s body will not be found.

For many fans, the lack of clarity has remained unsettling. There are virtually no final images of Jenni Rivera’s belongings, or body, following Sunday’s crash. Among the few recovered item were a copy of her California issued driver’s license. The DMV license has been crumbled.

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Rivera and six passengers were confirmed in the flight logs departing Monterrey, Mexico Sunday at 3:30 pm. Moments before boarding the flight, an exterior image of the 1969 plane was tweeted. Then, on board, Rivera’s makeup artist sent via Instagram the final picture of the singer. She had just finished a concert in Monterrey. He hair appeared still done from the concert. She was all smiles. Her next stop was the city of Toluca. There she was set to appear on La Voz, the local version of The Voice, as a celebrity judge.

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But ten minutes into her flight, her plane lost contact with the control tower. The plane was registered to a U.S. company. But allegations surfacing online today claim that both of the pilots may have had temporary licenses, and that the 1969 plane may have had mechanical trouble in the last ten years. Rivera has told news over the years that she did not like to fly.

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Rivera was at the height of her career. On TV, she had three shows. She produced for cable “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C”, “I Love Jenni”, “Chiquis ‘n Control”. She also had in development with ABC yet a fourth series “Jenni” for sitcom audiences.

Jenni had sold fifteen million albums worldwide. In high school growing up in Long Beach, she married Trinidad Marin. He eventually was sentenced to life in prison. She was later married to Juan Lopez. That marriage ended in divorce as well. Most recently, she had separated from third husband Esteban Loaiza. Jenni had been interviewed by news shortly after her final concert Saturday night. During that interview she said she had her heart broken three times but that she had bounced back each time.

Initially on welfare early in her life, she later studied business administration at Long Beach State University. That led to her businesses Divina Realty, Divina Cosmetics, Jenni Rivera Fragrance and Jenni Jeans.

Since Sunday, memorials have been appearing across the southland. One memorial is set for tonight at Jenni’s real estate office. The vigil will be at 701 W. Sixth St. in Corona, at 7:30 pm PST. Divina Realty was Rivera’s Corona based real-estate company through which she would often sell homes to select clients.

Other vigils have been in place outside of Rivera’s mansion in Encino. Candle and flowers have been progressively been placed outside the mansion since Sunday.

And yet, questions still remain. Why did a plane, hired by a Las Vegas talent management firm, crash only ten minutes into flight? The plane had only been sixty two miles into its flight when it crashed in Iturbide. With the wreckage spread over several yards, few answers remain. Jenni told news in her final interview Sunday “I can’t focus on the negative. Because that will defeat you. That will destroy you…. The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.” Send your love.

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